Your Work Life: Regret is NOT Inevitable…Here’s Why…

This is an important article. (The Top 5 Regrets Of Mid-Career Professionals)

Here are the regrets mentioned in the article:

  1. I wish I hadn’t listened to other people about what I should study and pursue.
  2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard and missed out on so much.
  3. I wish I hadn’t let my fears stop me from making change.
  4. I wish I had learned how to address toxic situations and people.
  5. I wish I hadn’t let myself become so trapped around money.

Many of the people I have worked with have come to me when they’re feeling like they’ve exhausted every avenue in making things change for themselves. Sometimes, after YEARS of trying.

There’s a cost to that, not just losing out on a better income (just about everyone I work with winds up making way more money and are much happier) but, I think more importantly, the bigger cost is to the psyche and affect on happiness.

It’s easy to start to doubt oneself and not trust your instincts that you could actually have something better, bigger or bolder in your personal and professional life. When this happens, it’s a spiral downwards that gets harder and harder to step out of.

We keep thinking we should be able to figure this out and solve the problem but then that shifts to ‘maybe this is my reality and I should just be happy with things as they are’. What remains is this nagging feeling that there really is something more for you, ‘out there’, but it’s elusive, like a whisper that is, at the same time, enticing and meanly taunting you. Over time, many people give up, feel defeated and sad.

Here’s the truth, the whisper that something better is out there for you is real. The whisper IS THE TRUTH‼ What gets in the way is the lack of a solid, proven strategy, a way to take action to actually create the professional life you dreamed of.

My crusade is to poke at people to let them know that they don’t have to wait months or years to solve this challenge. They can avoid having regrets!

When I think back on my trajectory from my career in corporate life to being an entrepreneur, it’s easy for me to see with such clarity that I wish I had started earlier. I wish I had hired the coaches I inevitably hired (years later!!!), earlier.

If I had done that, I would have been able to help more people, created better finances and had less doubt in myself that took time to release.

Borrow from my experience, you don’t have to go through all of that.  My clients are evidence of this – many have achieved their top personal goals while creating an amazing work life on their terms (yes, really) and made a lot more money, to boot.  That can happen for you, too.

Stick a pin 📌 this post and save it just to remind yourself that you can have what you want.  You can be a  No Limits Business Woman where nothing stands in your way….nothing!!

If you feel like you’re ready to stop waiting to figure this out on your own, let’s chat. I know it will be a a fantastic use of your time as we’ll identify what truly is getting in your way and what to do about it. Click here to set up a time with me ==>