Will the US Election affect You?

How about that US Election? Wow. Some people are ecstatic.  Some devastated.   

In any case, I have something that might be of interest to you as we close out 2016. If you want to move into 2017 in a strong way, check out my short video, I’ve got some openings that don’t come up often…

Here are some examples of what my clients have done lately:

  • T. finally decided to invest in coaching with me and got the nerve up to apply for some jobs that she wasn’t sure she was qualified for.  She was offered the job and will be moving to a new city – exactly her goal….all in less than 3 months!
  • L. was procrastinating on writing her cookbook.  In less than 3 months, she’s almost finished – waaay ahead of schedule!
  • S. is in the landscaping business and was feeling like she was doing menial, hard labour instead of the landscape design she longed to do.  She shifted her belief in herself and feels worthy of calling herself a landscape designer and has attracted ideal clients and contracts, in less than 3 months!
  • My client M just closed the biggest contracts ever sold for the company she works for after only being with them for less than a year…giving her more freedom and autonomy in her job (AND, this is the second time she’s done it!)
  • Another client S, moved from a position that she had been stuck in for a number of years to her dream job as a COO of a hospital – a job she thought would take at least five years to be able to apply for AND GET
  • Client K has gone from working 18 hour days working for a company to building an immediately successful consulting business – years ahead of what she thought was possible

Guess what? They all have more purpose in their life, more freedom, more fun and they make way more money than they used to believe was available to them. This is just the tip of the iceberg – I could tell you story after story about my clients. The question you need to ask yourself is, “Do I want to be doing what I love, feel more valued and make more money in 2017?”

…these are just a few of the success stories!  What could we accomplish together?  

If you want to talk about it and grab one of the few spots I have – click here to go to my online scheduler and book a time now.  I don’t know how long these openings will last!

Are you creating your Year of Wow today?  You Can!!!

Best of everything to you,