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Solopreneur Coaching Programs

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These programs are for those Solopreneurs that know they've got some great strategies but know that there's more success awaiting them.

Many of Karen's Solopreneur clients have built businesses that were beyond their imagination.  More money, more time, more freedom to do what you want - Karen can help you make it happen!

This what Karen works on with her Solopreneur clients: 

Eliminate any mental or emotional blocks so you can take the actions to grow your business exponentially

Think BIGGER than you can on your own

Overcome the 'Lone Wolf', 'DIY' mentality that keeps your business small

Identify new markets & products

Reduce your sales cycle

Clarify your 'why' for being in business

Come across with the required confidence in all situations

Mastering business relationships - hiring & firing virtual staff

Personal relationships and the impact of success

Productivity and personal innovation

Specific tools & strategies that will ensure your on-going success


This is what you can expect:

Shift (sometimes dramatic) in perspective that frees you to move forward quickly
Many notice changes after the first session
It does take time to undo however many years you've been on the planet of limiting thinking 🙂
In three months your life will have shifted noticeably - in one year your life will be dramatically closer to your ideal (if not already achieved in a year)
Excellent tools that you can use in any situation

What determines success? How much?  How fast?

Karen has found these are the main factors in how much success and how fast it happens:

How much coaching time you and Karen spend together - more time = faster shifts
How often you use the tools you're given - more use = faster results
How much of the extra materials you consume - more consumption = better understanding/more automatic
How much self-doubt or skepticism you have - more = slower results BUT RESULTS NONETHELESS!!!



Space is limited – Applications are on a first come, first serve basis.

**After you book your time, you will be redirected to a short questionnaire.  Karen needs this in order to conduct the Complimentary Session with you.