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How Do I Decide?

Which Coaching Package is Best for Me? 


When people take the courageous step to talk about coaching with me - I used to give them a lot of information about their options and I could see that it gets confusing.  All these choices - which is the best for me?

What happens to a number of people is that they say they're going to think about it and with best intentions to think about their options - instead they go away and do more of the same until they have that incredible moment of inspiration and courage to have the conversation again (if they ever do...)

I want it to be different for you.

If you are inspired to connect with me and talk about changing your future - I want you to have most of what you need up front to make a decision.  That's why I created this page.

I've included the areas to consider and why other clients have chosen their particular packages.  You can, of course, apply any time or book a 45 minute info-session with me (or one of my staff) to discuss any further questions you have.  Until we talk - here's what you need to know...

The major areas to consider are:

Speed - how fast do you want to get things moving?

Time - do I have the time in my week to spend on a call weekly? bi-weekly? monthly?

Budget - what do I choose to afford to make these changes?

Guidance - how much do I need?  How fast do I process information?  How many questions would I want answered between sessions?