Keynote for General Audiences

Attract More Now: Leverage Your Inner Brilliance 
How You can  Shift | Shine | Grow Your Bottom Line in Chaotic Times


Outside of business, everyone has a different bottom line.  Each of us has something so important to us that we’ll do anything to achieve it or maintain it.  Yet, many of us strive for what we want and never quite reach it.

Ever wonder how some people seem to get what they want, no matter what’s going on around them?  What about those people that seem to be positive all the time, what’s up with them?  What is going on with the world and how do I stay in step with my goals regardless of the outside turmoil?  What can I do live the life of my dreams?

Attraction Mindset Expert, Karen Luniw is ready to engage your group with humor and inspiration to answer all those questions and more through her real-life stories and tangible takeaways.

Your Group Will Learn:

  • That each of us has many types of inner brilliance
  • How to start to leverage your brilliance starting today
  • Why we get in our own way and how to shift that
  • How shifting our mindset allows what we want and who we are to shine through
  • How to start looking for that ‘Million Dollar Idea’ every day and why it may have not been found yet
  • Why fundamental principles ensure that whatever you to choose to work towards HAS to happen and why it’s not ‘pie in the sky’
  • What you need to do to shift your energy around anything immediately

Be ready for a fun, inspiring and mind-blowing ride!  Through fun and interactive stories, Karen uses her real, down-to-earth approach to easily connect with audiences so they will be able to rev their life and purpose into high gear now and long after this transformational keynote.  Staff of companies like Sun-Life, Lending Max, Desjardins, Honda, Re/Max have already experienced the fun of Karen’s keynote.  Now it’s your turn.

This keynote can be customized for meetings that focus on:  Health, Love/Relationships, Women’s Groups, Front Line and Administrative Professionals

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