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Unleashing the absolute brilliance that lies in your team and in your leaders is the key to having a breakout year and rising with quantum leaps above your competition. 

karenspeaking1aKaren Luniw is a world-renown authority on shifting mindset in order to shine, grow and attract what you want in your life and business.  She’s had over 20 million downloads world-wide of her audio and video programs and is a go-to for inspiration and paradigm shifting.  As an on-going contributor to the Huffington Post and many other publications, Karen is a sought-after expert. 

Business Attraction Mindset Expert ,
Karen Luniw knows that your audience is ready for a shift in thinking that will lead them to new ideas.  How do you continue to innovate, lead, inspire, communicate and energize?  Author of A Year of Wow Daily Attraction Journal and Attraction in Action and Creator of Business Attraction Tips and Attraction Tips podcasts, Karen will lead your group through to a new level!

Karen doesn’t waste time
getting down to what’s going to get results for your group.  She’ll use humor and inspiration to answer all those questions and more through her real-life stories and results-driven takeaways.

Be ready for a fun, inspiring and mind-blowing ride!  Through fun and interactive stories, Karen uses her real, down-to-earth approach to easily connect with audiences so they will be able to rev their energy and ideas into high gear now and long after this transformational keynote.  Staff of companies like Sun-Life, Grant Thornton, Lending Max, Desjardins, Honda, Re/Max have already experienced the fun of Karen’s keynotes.  Now it’s your turn! 

“I really enjoyed your presentation and the items that stuck with me were numbers 400 Billion bytes and 2000 bytes per second comparing subconscious and conscious parts of the brain.  It really makes sense and gave me the visual to see how changing or controlling your conscious thoughts can affect all aspects of your life. Well worth while thanks. ” 

~ Daryl French,  LendingMax


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Talk Outlines: 


Here's a list of some of Karen's popular talks.


However, Karen thrives on change so if you don't see what you're after - call us.

Karen can customize her material for your group.





 Shift | Shine | Grow Your Bottom Line in the New Economy


In business, the bottom line is profit.  However, profit comes through ideas and people and right now these resources are being stretched. 

How do you inspire and energize your staff?How do you stay inspired, energetic and on-task when so much is being asked of you? 

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Your Group Will Learn: 

  • How to start looking for that ‘MillionDollar Idea’ every day and why it may have not been found yet
  • How to start to leverage your brilliance and your team’s today
  • Why engaging the power of your subconscious mind will boost your results
  • What we need to do to work  smarter, not harder
  • What you need to do to shift your focus immediately



new Quantum Blockbusting - Do Epic Shift 


In this excerpt from Karen's Quantum Blockbusting Toolkit, you will get a brief overview of Karen Luniw's signature QC2 Method which literally demolishes any mindset blocks that get in the way of people's goals and dreams.  From there Karen will share a few of her top tools for quickly shifting perspective in order to create success in your work and personal life.  Essentially, you'll learn how to do Epic Shift.

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Whether you use it in your personal life with your family and friends or with your staff, customers or clients - these practical tools take moments to implement but can create lasting, and sometimes life-changing, outcomes.

In this  interactive training your Group will take away:

  • how our story influences everything we do
  • how to move out of limiting ourselves and into infinite possibilities
  • how to be happier
  • specific tools to use with your own clients and customers
  • how to achieve great success in your work
  • key teachings from a 'Hot Seat' experience
  • how to apply these tools to your top three goals
  • an action plan 



UXLR8:   Top Secrets to Success in Business & Life


Have we heard it all before?  Maybe.  But maybe not.  If we’re not accelerating our results in the manner we want – it’s time to hear the truth in a new manner.

What if you had the most powerful tools that you could use at your fingertips?

Would you use them? How would that change your life? Your Work?                                 

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Your Group Will Learn:

  • Some of the most powerful tools to start to use today to change their life and their results
  • How to accelerate towards balance
  • How to get out of their own way and others
  • What it takes to catapult their life to a whole new level       



Attraction in Action:

Getting What You Want with What You Have Now 


If our team is not communicating well – it’s so much more difficult to get things done.

What if there was a different way?

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Your Group Will Learn:

  • The power of belief and how it helps or destroys relationships
  • What one technique can do to change the outcome of a worst-case scenario
  • The reason our energy and focus changes everything
  • How to communicate well with difficult people – co-workers and customers  



Leveraging Brilliance:  Unleashing Team Potential


We all have untapped power.  What would it take to easily tap into your teams’ personal power, every day? It’s possible.  Karen has been able to shift top performers into unstoppable forces by unleashing their brilliance.


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Your Group Will Learn:

  • What stops them from living their brilliance every day
  • What techniques will work for them so they can easily tap into their personal brilliance
  • How a leader can quickly shift teams into high performance
  • Why shifting from goals to targets is essential to a company’s long term success



new  QC2 - Become Unstuck and Unstoppable  


The QC2 Method was created by Karen Luniw and is a synthesis of a number of schools of thought all boiled down into a four-part tool anyone can use, at any time, to become unstuck - to create movement - to become unstoppable.  The magic of the QC2 Method is that it can be used with ANY challenge to create a path to success - however the user defines success.

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Whether you use it in your personal life with your family and friends or with your staff, customers or clients – this practical and sometimes weird tool takes moments to implement but can create lasting, and sometimes life-changing, outcomes.

In this interactive training your Group will take away:

  • why we get stuck
  • the four distinct elements of the QC2 Method
  • how to use the QC2 Method in your work environment with staff, co-workers, clients or customers
  • when you would use the QC2 Method in your personal life
  • a specific plan on how to apply it to your top three goals
  • how to become unstoppable
  • key teachings from a ‘Hot Seat’ experience
  • how to create more balance in your life
  • how to be happier
  • how to achieve greater success in your work
  • an action plan



Ignite! Live with Purpose & Passion  – Fire Up Your Life 


Are you loving your job? Are you loving your life? If not, you’re not alone, in fact, you are part of the majority.

What if you could change it all and feel inspired every day?


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Your Group Will Learn:

  • The really simple reason that most people aren’t  living the life of their dreams
  • The one question they can start to ask that will turn it all around quickly
  • How to start to identify what lights them up and what is the perfect action to start taking now
  • How to live inspired purpose with their family & work