Shift | Align | Shine with the Experts


Shift | Align | Shine with  the Experts is an on-going interview series of Experts in a variety of areas.

Upcoming from September 9th to 20th, 2013 we are excited to present our virtual conference on The Secrets to Business AttractionGo here for more details.


Typically, our specific focus is Business, Abundance and General Life Success Strategies.  My goal is to share some fabulous people that I continue to come across and the amazing wisdom that they have to offer.

We ask you to sign up for the series so you get notification of the Upcoming Interviews.  I know that for myself, despite best intentions to remember to come back to listen to something, there are too many distractions so I wanted to offer you this so it’s easy for you to see what’s coming up so you don’t have ANOTHER thing to remember!

Many of these great Experts will have a special offer that pertains to what they are sharing in the interview and that may provide that next step for you in your own personal and professional growth. For any of those that spark your interest, you’ll want to get in on their Early-bird offer, so another great reason to sign up for notification.

You’ll find all this fabulous information on the Expert’s page.  Once the interview is complete, you’ll also have the ability to listen to the audio or download it from this page for 48 hours.

Are you interested in getting additional support, then join us at Attract More Now Essentials  .   Go here to find out more and then go and sign up at the Essentials site!  We have a ton of fun there and you’ll get direct access to me through the weekly Live Q&A’s!  The value is insane!

We here at Attract More know that you’ll love this program!  If you’d like to see us interview someone specifically on a topic, email us, we love the suggestions!

Best of everything to you!  Enjoy!