Complimentary Breakthrough Session

Are you really ready to uplevel your results?

  • Have you been trying all kinds of different techniques to attract the business or life you really want…only for it to feel like it’s going in the opposite direction?
  • Does time feel like it’s getting away on you and while there’s some progress – it’s at a snails pace?
  • Do feel like you’re blocked and aren’t sure what to do next?
  • Do you feel it in your bones that you can have the business and/or life you really deserve?
    Then it’s time to have a breakthrough…isn’t it?
    Book your 15 minute session through Karen’s online scheduler:
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    Even if you live on a different continent, book your appointment!  I work with people all over the world through Skype.
    What you can expect during the Breakthrough Strategy Session:
    *    I will ask you about your goals
    *    I’ll give you one or two tips or techniques to breakthrough
    *    You’ll get recommendations about next steps to take
    I know, 15 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot of time but I can cover a lot.  Really!
    Here’s a few things I ask:
    *     Don’t make the appointment if you have no intention of changing your life for the better.
    *     Come with an open mind or don’t book.
    *     Make this a priority and write it down in your calendar, if something comes up and you can’t make it – email us  or phone us at 250 808-5628.


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   I can’t wait to talk!  Let’s Shift, Shine and Grow!