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We’ve Finished Our First Package – What's Next?


Yay!!  We’ve completed our first package – what happens next!?

Below I’ve outlined what the continuance of the particular programs includes.

As you know, our first package was wrapped up in about three months – with these continuing packages – you can choose to stay in the program you entered into or move to another package.

You also have the option of completing the next package in 3 months or you can extend it out for up to 6 months (Sapphire and Platinum only).

Why 3-6 months?  What I’ve found for most people is that having the continued, consistent sessions helps to take them even further.

Our first three months together has laid a great foundation, now we want to make sure you stay on track.   Take a look at these packages and we’ll discuss which best suits your goals and your budget.

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Don't find a program that suits you?  Talk to Karen about other possible options, she'll work with you to get you what you need.