Dangerous Trends Video


Why You’re Not Getting the Amazing Law of Attraction

Results You Hear About

•You get distracted by your daily to-do list
•You’re looking for ‘real’ proof
•You have no one to talk to about this
•You don’t know what you don’t know

I’m about to share with you the latest really

Dangerous Trends I see that makes
Law of Attraction not work.




And, I’m actually going to coach you through what you need to do to not fall into this trap…karensept13

Now, I don’t know how long I’m going to make this presentation available online, so catch it while you can, okay?!

Like a regular coaching session, we’d be on the phone and you wouldn’t see me and I wouldn’t see you.

You’ve probably seen my mug now a few times but just to reassure you – here I am…


Okay, so lets get to the root of this – you wouldn’t still be here if you were actually getting the results you wanted with Law of Attraction, right?


What I find when people aren’t getting the results they want they go to one of these four places…


•I must not be meant to have, be or do _______ (whatever your desire is)
•This LOA doesn’t work – I’ve been trying to prove it and it just doesn’t work
•I must be missing something because I’m not quite there (and you keep searching)
•Or the worst…
–I’m not good enough, smart enough, worthy enough (you fill in the not_____enough blank)
•That’s the worst because it isn’t true and if this is you, it probably makes you feel awful.
Here’s the truth…

While those beliefs will slow you down or even stop you – they’re not the real reason you’re not getting the results you want…





Here’s the real problem…

(and I want you to notice what resonates with you the most, it could be one , it could be both)




It’s actually two problems…




The first one is, you already know what to do but you don’t implement it and you don’t for a number of reasons…


You’re distracted by everyday life

(I know, it gets really busy, right?)


Another reason we don’t implement is because

we value learning at a very high level.

And, why is that bad…?

Well, it’s not bad, it just likely makes you a personal development junkie

…and like a junkie you always need a fix

Which, like a junkie, pretty much ensures you’re always looking for your next fix and not ‘doing the work’



You’re distracted.


Sound familiar?


so that was the first problem – not implementing or ‘doing the work’




The second problem is this…



You don’t know what you don’t know.


What does that mean, Karen?

(I can hear you thinking, did you know that?)


Well, it’s kind of like the Einstein quote…

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”


So I’ll be blunt…


If you’re not getting the results you want, you’re either…


Not putting into action what you already know




You’re stopping yourself in some way that you don’t even know that you’re stopping yourself


You stop yourself by thinking it’s happening to you,

a result of circumstances,

the economy,

a bad relationship,


it’s outside of you…


Should I go on?

Sound familiar?


What if it’s something else?


What if it’s your Higher Self (or the Universe, God, your Soul – whatever fits for you)

that really keeps repeating this pattern so you actually finally change it?

What if you’ve been asking?

Asking for something else and the path to that is through changing the belief or energy you currently have.


What if….?


How cool would that be to KNOW that you could actually change this pattern in your life?


Here’s how I see it…


You have one of these two problems, you’re not implementing what you know.

You’re not ‘doing the work, per se.


Or, you’re stopping yourself because you haven’t been

aware what the pattern is or that you can change it.


So you have at least 4 choices that I can see….


Do Nothing.

It should be no surprise that I don’t recommend this.


Start to implement what you already know.

What you’ve already learned. Actually, practice it.

Day in, day out.

Make a commitment to yourself to doing that, every day.


Get help – get a coach, do some group coaching,

but get YOUR specific questions answered.


Keep doing what you’re doing.

(how’s that been working for you?)


Now, if doing nothing or doing the same things aren’t options for you and if you know you’ve been implementing

Law of Attraction and you’re still not getting the results you want, you might want to consider one of these two options…

90 Day Breakthrough Coaching


By the New Year, 2014, you’ll see these changes:


    • You will know what’s stopping you from having more success with Law of Attraction.
    • You will have specific, just-for-you tools that you can use to break through YOUR specific blocks
    • You will know how to charge up your Attraction Mindset anytime to be attracting what you want
    • You will witness actual big shifts (if you do the work) often right after our first session!
    • Your confidence in yourself, your work, everything, including confidence in Law of Attraction will increase

We’ll do this through…

      • 2, ½ hour sessions each month for the next three months
      • ½ day VIP Coaching session (value $1500) Done virtually.
      • Weekly email question
      • One ‘emergency’ session
      • Access to Attract More Now Essentials Program
      • Access to the Attraction Mindset Program
      • Access to my newest program you’ll hear about in a moment
If you know this is for you, click the button below and claim your spot!

They usually go quickly as I only have a few spots.


or choose a

3 Pay Option

Here’s what happened with other Clients who worked with me…

Peg Alexander

Could Have Never Imagined in a Million Years – Travelling the World Now!

Having your support for the last six months has been fabulous – we’re in such a different place. The biggest change that I could have never imagined is that we’re going away on a year long trip. The effect on my husband was massive, vicariously he picked up on a lot of this. Six months ago he wouldn’t have imagined us moving to the neighbouring city let alone going travelling the world.

No doubt that since we started working together that amazing things have happened that I could have never imagined in a million years.

Thank you, Karen!

~Peg Alexander Speaker, Broadcaster, now Travel Blogger!!




AllieBefore working with Karen, I really lived in fear. I was fearful of putting myself out there because I feared what others thought of me. I believed I wasn’t good enough. If I was “this” much skinnier or “this” much better on my dirt bike I could move forward with my life. But until then, I would be stuck in a reality that I was not fond of.

Working with Karen opened my eyes to what is possible.

Karen is incredible at challenging you to see things through a different point of view. By asking me questions, she helped me see that the things that I was fearful of really didn’t need to be feared at all. Many times she would acknowledge my fear head on and open the “what if” door.

“What if” someone didn’t think I was good enough on a dirt bike? Does that mean that “someone” is right?

Through processes like these, I found that peoples opinions of me are not my business, but that moving forward with my goals is. Furthermore, she used the “what if’s” to ask me “what if” someone sees you on your bike and is so inspired but what I have accomplished? By using a process of questions to challenge me, she helped me switch my focus from my fears (which made me stand still in life) to what is actually possible (allowing me the courage to progress).

And, now the next step of my dream is coming true, I’ve been asked to come and practice this winter down in the US with a pro team! The sky is the limit!
~Allie Henderson, FMX Rider


Within 3 months these individuals had these results:

•One gal totally shifted her beliefs about what was possible for her with relationships and she met her future husband.
•Another was developing her business while working at a job that she wasn’t happy with – in three months she totally changed how she related to her co-workers, got transferred and was much happier.
This allowed her to change her focus with her business and now she’s got a ‘full’ compliment of clients.
These are just a few of the Success Stories!!


With Coaching – I can’t give any guarantees but what I do know and have seen time and again

is that this doesn’t work for people who don’t do the homework I assign.


Pretty basic.


Those that do the homework have phenomenal shifts.



You can see the variety of results people have gotten

(and I only scratched the surface!)


So you just have to ask yourself whether or not you can follow instructions or not.


If you can, next question, do you really want to change things?


If so, click the button below and claim your spot!



or choose a

3 Pay Option



I know I’m walking you through all of this and if you’ve come this far, maybe you’re willing to come a little further (remember what movie that’s from?)


(Shawshank Redemption)



If you’re still on the fence about this – ask yourself this…

How will tomorrow be any different than today?

Or the day before that,

Or the day before that

Or the day before that….


Seriously, life is too short to not have what you want.



You’ve Waited This Long…

You’re still here!

You really do want things to change but Breakthrough Coaching is out of your budget.


I get it.


That’s why I created…


Attraction in Action Toolkit


This is so new I don’t even have a graphic for it yet!


That’s how cutting edge it is.


But it’s been on my mind for a long time to do because I’ve been seeing some very specific blocks that stop people cold

and stops them from having what they want.

This program is going to give you the tools to:

          • Unlock your abundance blocks
          • Unstoppable confidence
          • Shift your relationship with money
          • Connect with your Inner Knowing any time
          • Create better communication with any one
          • Get over those fears, worries and doubts that stop you
          • and more…
How will we do this?


Over 6 weeks you will receive 10 tools every Monday and Thursday you will get an audio lesson that describes:

        • in-depth, the block it helps solve,
        • the tool & when to use it,
        • how to use it and how it’s helped others succeed
        • We’ll also do two Live Q&A’s

And because you’ve shown you are eager, willing and committed to change because you’ve come this far I’m giving you a really special price on this,

go ahead and click on the button below and see just how awesome it is!


Attraction in Action Toolkit


orange buy button


The price will not be this low again and is only good for as long as I have this video up, no exceptions.



So if you really want change


and the Breakthrough Coaching program is not do-able for you at this time, doesn’t it make sense to get help where you can actually get answers to what’s stopping you?


You’ll be able to do this in the Live Q&A’s. Cool, huh?



Go ahead and click to change your life.


Remember, I said you could decide to do one of four things today.


Do nothing and nothing changes.


Implement what you already know

and actually keep your word and do it this time.

(that’s me as your Coach poking you right now!)


Keep doing what you’re doing and nothing changes.

(or at least you keep the same pace of change you’ve been experiencing)


Finally, get Personal help,

whether it’s through someone else’s programs or through your

Breakthrough Coaching program or the Attraction in Action Toolkit.


Take some action for YOU today.


(click one of the buttons below)


90 Day Breakthrough Coaching


or choose a

3 Pay Option

Attraction in Action Toolkit orange buy button





Questions? Need a little bit more information before you commit? Email us or call Karen directly at 250 808-5628

(if you call and get the answering service, please leave a message and Karen will call you back asap as she’s likely with a client)