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Kathy SmithI‘ve
relied on Karen’s expert business and life coaching for several years
now. When I’m struggling, she always helps me see a different way of
“theeling” which opens doors within my consciousness to
possibilities I never thought existed.

I could not have come as far as I have without her. Thanks to Karen’s
sharp intuition, caring heart, and kick-ass-but-fun coaching, I’m
finally doing what I love and getting paid very well for it. Karen, you
are a very special gal and a huge inspiration in my life. I’m so glad
the Law of Attraction brought us together!

~ Kathy
Smith, Freelance Copywriter and Magazine Feature Writer Specializing in
the Maritime Industry www.kathyasmith.com



Blocks = Big Money Flows!

Hi Karen, thank you
again for all your help and support this morning! I am so very, very

thought I’d report in on what happened right after our
session—proving that things are shifting in a big and very good way.
It all feels easier now.

landed two clients and one new prospect one after the other, and had an
unexpected client booking come in for this afternoon and also found out
some money owed will be paid to me today = extra money already flowing
as of today. Wahooooo!!

minimum estimates of money flow triggered today: $6675

cool is that –and how easy was that –and Wahooo! There’s more
where that came from.

S.H., Business Owner, Victoria, BC



Blocks About Marketing

working with you, I felt blocked around how to get out of my own way and
remove the obstacles in my path in my business. In particular, I felt
stuck around my marketing and that has shifted tremendously since
starting to work with you.


I feel I have clarity on what my obstacles are and now have the tools to
get rid of them as they come my way. I embrace the concept of “new
level and new devil” and know that it doesn’t have to stop me. This
has opened up what I thought was possible and new business is coming my
way because of it.


~ Denise
Lloyd, Engaged HR



After Years of
Struggle – Found Permanent, Perfect Job


Well it finally
happened – I got a permanent job! And in typical LOA fashion it is a
better job than I could have even dreamed for myself. I will be teaching
food preparation, fashion and interior design. All of the lesson plans
are already written for both sections so I can start with what is
already there and then change and improve as I go.

Knowing this will
make my summer so much more enjoyable and relaxing. I will just have to
become familiar with the current plans and the district’s policies
etc. I also had two trips planned in August and both of them fit right
in with the new teacher training and the first day of school – just
like it was planned that way….

Thank you again for
opening my eyes to LOA and helping me to believe it would happen.

~ Karin
M., Teacher



Started New Business
– Working Less and Making More

Since beginning to
work with Karen almost two years ago, my life has completely changed.
Her thoughts, guidance and wisdom have kept me on course utilizing the
LOA and have allowed me to grow in all facets of my life.

On top of the fact
that I have more money, less debt, a bigger business, a new car and got
it all while working less and taking more vacations than ever before, I
am happier and my relationships are easier and more enjoyable. I never
thought this would be possible, but as I see it now, it’s a simple
process and everything is attainable with Karen as my coach.

Thank you Karen.
You’ve changed my life.

~ R.M.,
Entrepreneur, Atlanta, GA

Sales Pro Excels
& Now Lives Dream-Life Overseas

“Before I started
working with Karen, I’d struggled for 15 years to find my
“calling” in life; to know why I’m here on earth and what value

I can add to the
world. Now, after working with Karen for only 15 months, I’ve been
able to overcome so so many feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt.
She’s helped me regain my faith in myself and, frankly, my faith in
the power much larger than myself. My dreams are coming through step by
step, too! The job that was so challenging that I feared that I would be
fired is now a job at which I’m so successful I’ve been given the
opportunity to move abroad.

Where before I was
in last place on a sales team I am now making my numbers and poised to
exceed them. Most of all, I am beginning to grasp my gifts and to
understand what I really want to do – and literally within 24 hours of
realizing what it was, opportunities began to appear in my life.

I wouldn’t have
gotten here nearly as fast (and maybe never, who knows?) if I hadn’t
had this opportunity to work with Karen. She’s incredibly
down-to-earth, encouraging, fun and funny.

She’s helped me
figure out how I’m limiting myself, guided me to an increased
awareness of my internal critic, and ultimately led me to let go of the
false beliefs that have been blocking me from realizing my dreams!

I’m ever so
grateful for her guidance.”

~ Malissa
B., Alexandria, VA



New Business and
5-figure Months in a Year

Karen is my coach
and she is amazing! Love thinking in possibility! I couldn’t have
increased my business and wealth without it!

I shifted and my
business is booming! I have abundance daily! I believe next year I will
make 500,000!

~ Nicole
D., Media Consultant, Los Angeles, CA



Increasing Fees and
Building a Coaching Business

“Karen has long
been my inspiration. Her approach to life is infectious, and she
consistently sees life as what it really is – exactly what we make of

A dab hand at
finding the crux of the problem, Karen acts as the guiding light to help
a client through the darkness makes Karen one of the best coaches and
mentors I’ve ever known.

I am honoured to be
working with Karen this year after following her newsletters for years

Isabelle H, Coach, Kamloops, BC



Doctor Finishes Book
and Stops Procrastinating

I started working with
you because I thought I had a great idea for a Medical Organizational
Journal, but I was totally procrastinating and I felt that I was in my
way. Well, I just finished the first full draft of the journal (WOOHOO!!!).

In addition, you
have helped me work through family issues, wedding plans, stepkids, real
estate decisions, etc.

~ Dr.
Ann, Pharmaceutical Industry, VA



Relationship Issue, Left Draining Job to Start Dream Life

came to Karen wanting to resolve a relationship issue and it resolved
almost after our first session! From that point, she was able to help me
get in touch with what I really wanted from my life and as a result I
was able to take a huge step away from a job I didn’t love into a new
career. Selling my time doing something I didn’t like I was selling my
spirit not my time.

There’s an immense
sense of freedom that elevates my heart and have to thank Karen for
helping me with that and loose some of my fears. I’m doing great, life
is so much better now, some days I just can’t believe I took that
step. Hope you are doing amazing and that this year you get back all of
the light that you share and more.

Flores, Los Angeles, CA



Using Tips in One
Session Created a Big Sale

I have to share this
with you while doing my happy dance tee hee.

Using the tips you
gave me when we last spoke today I signed up a client who paid the
deposit into my bank account with complete ease and joy.

~ Vanessa
Kelly, Coach, South Africa



Fifteen Minutes
Makes a World of Difference for Realtor


…. from Florida here. We did a 15 minute call that has been very
helpful to us. Wow, I didn’t know 15 minutes could be so significant.
You can quote me on that!

L., Gainesville, FL


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