Coaching – 90 Day Breakthrough Next Steps Packages

We’ve Finished Our First Package – Now What?


Yay!!  We’ve completed our first package – what happens next!? 

Below I’ve outlined what the continuance of the particular programs includes.  As you know, our first package was wrapped up in about three months – with these continuing packages – you can choose to stay in the program you entered into or move to another package.  

You also have the option of completing the next package in 3 months or you can extend it out for up to 6 months.  Why 3-6 months?  What I’ve found for most people is that having the continued, consistent sessions helps to take them even further.  Our first three months together has laid a great foundation, now we want to make sure you stay on track. 

Take a look at these packages and we’ll discuss which best suits your goals and your budget.




90 Day Breakthrough Continued Coaching Program includes (exclusive to past 90 Day Clients):

  • 6 hours of coaching time
  • Weekly email question
  • One ‘emergency’ session
  • Continued Access to Attract More Now Essentials Program
  • Continued Access to the Attraction Mindset Program & the Quantum Blockbusting Toolkit
  • The Law of Attraction in Action Year of Wow Daily Attraction Journal ebook

$1500 or $550 for 3 instalments **

Silver Step-Up Program includes:

  • your choice of monthly 15 minute or 1/2 hour coaching sessions
  • Recordings of our call
  • Access to the Essentials Program and library
    • Private monthly training calls with Karen
    • Includes a Live Q&A – attend and ask your questions or send an email with your questions which will be answered
    • Private forum group to connect with like-minded people, share stories and insights

Silver 15 – $87/month

Silver 30 – $150/month (can be broken out into two 15 minute sessions/month)

Vip Keys Show Influential Of Very Important PersonVIP 1/2 Day Add-OnVip Keys Show Influential Of Very Important Person

Feel like you’d like to try a VIP 1/2 Day or do you feel like you need another VIP 1/2 Day?  Now you can book it independently of your package and at 1/2 the price I usually charge.

When should I consider a VIP session?

  • This is a great option if you feel there is an area that you are feeling really stuck in but isn’t part of our regular sessions.
  • Is there a new area that has arisen since we started work together that needs some in-depth work?
  • There’s an area we have talked about but requires extra time that our regular sessions don’t allot

If you said ‘yes’ to any of these – it may be a great time to book another VIP 1/2 Day – ask me about this and we can discuss if this is a good next step.

$1000 or $500 for 2 months (session will be booked after 2nd instalment is processed)**

**Referred anyone who is currently coaching with me? You’ll get a nice discount on your program!  Ask me about this.