The Eight Glass Ceilings


So? How many of these

8 Glass Ceilings apply to you?

Here they are as a reminder...

Money Glass Ceiling - Money limits you from what you decide to do. You never move beyond a specific income level or debt level.

Rules Glass Ceiling - You're bound to rules - you often say common statements like 'it's always been this way', 'that's not the way it's done', 'you have to pay your dues'.

Distracted Glass Ceiling - You are too busy and not as focused as you could be. You get distracted by 'the next thing'. You often have goals that contradict each other.

Worth Glass Ceiling - You're not sure if you're worthy of where you are or where you want to go, or if you're ready yet.

Trinity of Trouble Glass Ceiling - You are mired in fear, doubt and worry and they never leave you and impact the decisions you make and often lead to inaction.

Relationship Glass Ceiling - You are either very controlling or have no boundaries and one or the other, or both, affect your relationships and communications.

Drama Glass Ceiling - You get carried away by the latest drama or emotion of the latest event that has happened in or around you.

Visibility Glass Ceiling - You tend to shy away from standing out in the crowd. You don't want the extra attention in case it's not positive. You would rather put your head down, do great work and hope that you attract positive attention.

Which sounds familiar to you?

Check out my video below - it will tell you more about what I've got in store for you...



For the last decade I have been helping Entrepreneurs, Executives and Wannabe's all over the world to catapult their results in very extraordinary ways.  What I've found is that the more time I can spend with clients, the more successful they are but along with that comes an increased price tag out of the reach of many.   

So I created...



This 90 day program will take you out of the pain of being stuck in your business/career and teach you:

  • How to Deal with Your Glass Ceiling(s) so you can accelerate your success:
    • Redefine your relationship with money so you can attract more opportunities
    • Identify what beliefs, conclusions and stories that are keeping you stuck and how to eliminate them from your subconscious mind and open up larger possibilities than you could have ever known
    • What rules you have that no longer serve you, where they come from and how to delete them so you can create bigger and more amazing opportunities
    • Get crystal clear and focused on what really is possible for you to achieve and have the unstoppable confidence to go for it
    • Finally eliminate the nagging feeling of 'not being enough'.  When you do this, the world responds to you in a different and better way and starts showing up the way you deserve
    • Learn powerful tools that will help you deal with the Trinity of Trouble (fear, doubt and worry) in any moment and under any circumstance.  When you learn this you will no longer have to be dogged by these oppressive and life-sucking emotions.
    • How to master your relationships in a positive way so you get the most out of them.  You and the people around you will be happier and your communications will make everything easier.
    • What you need to do to eliminate the drama in your life and get off the 'Emotion Train' that has been carrying you and spending your time and energy along the way for hours, days, months and even sometimes years.  When you get control of this you will have so much more time and energy to focus and be clear on what decisions to make and when.
    • You will learn to stop hiding behind your computer, behind your work or behind your desk.  In order to attract attention to you work, your message, your brilliance - you must be visible.  
  • How to use the powerful QC2 Method so you are able to program your brain to attract and identify opportunities on autopilot.  This process also allows you to literally get unstuck in any moment at any time.  One of the most useful tools that exists today.
    •  You will learn how to set your GPS so you know you are always going in the right direction toward target while at the same time pulling your goal towards you
    • You will know, in the moment, what questions to ask to solve virtually any problem
    • You will discover how to clear any energetic blocks your beliefs, or other's beliefs that are stuck in your field
    • You will learn the most valuable Superpower you have and rarely use effectively
  • What I am bringing to Executives in this program consists of a deep background in the Employment and HR field for over 20 years.
    What I am bringing to Entrepreneurs in this program is that Employment and HR experience plus for the last 10 years in my coaching business I've worked with the top sales teachers and online marketing teachers and so each participant will: 

    • get specific-to-them information on how to move their career or business forward at an accelerated pace
    • create an initial detailed action plan with Karen in a 30 minute private coaching session
  • This amazing program will be delivered and will include:
    • Two private coaching sessions with Karen where we first create an action plan and then revisit your progress
    • 12 group coaching sessions where questions can be asked 
    • 8 online video/audio modules that outline all the principles mentioned above in great detail
    • Unlimited email access to Karen and team throughout the 12 weeks

Who this DOESN'T work well for:

  • people who don't have definite goals - this program is not designed to help you find your purpose.  We can refine your purpose but if you don't know your purpose, there are better programs to serve you.
  • highly skeptical people (it isn't that it can't work, it's just that the process can take longer)
  • starting out MLM'ers and actors - it's not you, it's me.  There are better programs to serve you.
  • people who don't take responsibility for their action/inaction (ie - blamers, whiners, slackers)
  • people who don't want to give up their Do-it-Yourself status and don't want to invest financially in a program to improve themselves emotionally, mentally and spiritually for the benefit of not only their business but their life

Who this DOES work well for:

  • people who are at different levels of their career or business and are hard working go-getters but are stuck
  • you are open-minded and willing to be coached and hear the hard truth
  • you will take direction and do the work and not allow (within reason) anything or anyone get in the way of your success
  • you know that there is more for you but you just haven't been able to access it no matter how hard you've worked
  • people who are willing to invest in themselves financially, emotionally, spiritually and mentally for the benefit of their business and life in general

If this lights your heart and soul up and you feel excited about the possibilities (because they are HUGE!), set up a time to talk with me now.  Here is the link:


Book a time to chat with Karen


You will be taken to a page to schedule a time to chat and once you've scheduled that time you will be redirected to a Questionnaire.  You must fill that out in order to keep your appointment.  On the questionnaire page you will also see a long list of testimonials from my work with just some of my past clients.  

In the call I am to walk through some questions about where you are and where you want to be and get down to some real specifics about what can help you and I am going to prescribe a solution.  That may or may not be this program, I am NOT going push you into working with me.  I only take people that I think will succeed with me. 

How much longer do you want to stay stuck where you are?  Book a time now.  How much fun can we have and how much can we accomplish together?

Best of everything to you,

Karen Luniw


Sales Pro Excels & Now Lives Dream-Life Overseas


“Before I started working with Karen, I’d struggled for 15 years to find my “calling” in life; to know why I’m here on earth and what value I can add to the world. Now, after working with Karen for only 15 months, I’ve been able to overcome so so many feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt.

She’s helped me regain my faith in myself and, frankly, my faith in the power much larger than myself. My dreams are coming through step by step, too! The job that was so challenging that I feared that I would be
fired is now a job at which I’m so successful I’ve been given the opportunity to move abroad.

Where before I was in last place on a sales team I am now making my numbers and poised to exceed them. Most of all, I am beginning to grasp my gifts and to understand what I really want to do – and literally within 24 hours of realizing what it was, opportunities began to appear in my life.

I wouldn’t have gotten here nearly as fast (and maybe never, who knows?) if I hadn’t had this opportunity to work with Karen. She’s incredibly down-to-earth, encouraging, fun and funny.

She’s helped me figure out how I’m limiting myself, guided me to an increased awareness of my internal critic, and ultimately led me to let go of the false beliefs that have been blocking me from realizing my dreams!

I’m ever so grateful for her guidance.”

~ Malissa B., Alexandria, VA



Ballieefore working with Karen, I really lived in fear. I was fearful of putting myself out there because I feared what others thought of me. I believed I wasn't good enough. If I was "this" much skinnier or "this" much better on my dirt bike I could move forward with my life. But until then, I would be stuck in a reality that I was not fond of.

Working with Karen opened my eyes to what is possible.

Karen is incredible at challenging you to see things through a different point of view. By asking me questions, she helped me see that the things that I was fearful of really didn't need to be feared at all. Many times she would acknowledge my fear head on and open the "what if" door.

"What if" someone didn't think I was good enough on a dirt bike? Does that mean that "someone" is right?

Through processes like these, I found that peoples opinions of me are not my business, but that moving forward with my goals is. Furthermore, she used the "what if's" to ask me "what if" someone sees you on your bike and is so inspired but what I have accomplished? By using a process of questions to challenge me, she helped me switch my focus from my fears (which made me stand still in life) to what is actually possible (allowing me the courage to progress).

And, now the next step of my dream is coming true, I've been asked to come and practice this winter down in the US with a pro team! The sky is the limit!

~Allie Henderson, FMX Rider

Could Have Never Imagined in a Million Years - Travelling the World Now!


Having your support for the last six months has been fabulous - we're in such a different place. The biggest peg
change that I could have never imagined is that we're going away on a year long trip. The effect on my husband was massive, vicariously he picked up on a lot of this. Six months ago he wouldn't have imagined us moving to the neighbouring city let alone going travelling the world.

No doubt that since we started working together that amazing things have happened that I could have never imagined in a million years.

Thank you, Karen!

~ Peg Alexander Speaker, Broadcaster, now Travel Blogger!!

Left Full Time Job to Pursue her Passion


Diana_Professional_Organizer_Alexandria_VA_2Click on the link below and listen to Diana's quick story...


~ Diana Tamez-Walters, Professional Organizer  We Organize It ®

Creating Order in Your Space

Cleared Blocks = Big Money Flows!

Hi Karen, thank you again for all your help and support this morning! I am so very, very grateful.

Just thought I’d report in on what happened right after oursession—proving that things are shifting in a big and very good way. It all feels easier now.

I landed two clients and one new prospect one after the other, and had an unexpected client booking come in for this afternoon and also found out some money owed will be paid to me today = extra money already flowing
as of today. Wahooooo!!

Total minimum estimates of money flow triggered today: $6675

How cool is that –and how easy was that –and Wahooo! There’s more where that came from.

~ S.H., Business Owner, Victoria, BC


Started New Business – Working Less and Making More

Since beginning to work with Karen almost two years ago, my life has completely changed.  Her thoughts, guidance and wisdom have kept me on course utilizing the LOA and have allowed me to grow in all facets of my life.

On top of the fact that I have more money, less debt, a bigger business, a new car and got it all while working less and taking more vacations than ever before, I am happier and my relationships are easier and more enjoyable. I never thought this would be possible, but as I see it now, it’s a simple process and everything is attainable with Karen as my coach.

Thank you Karen. You’ve changed my life.

~ R.M., Entrepreneur, Atlanta, GA


Doctor Finishes Book and Stops Procrastinating

I started working with you because I thought I had a great idea for a Medical Organizational Journal, but I was totally procrastinating and I felt that I was in my way. Well, I just finished the first full draft of the journal (WOOHOO!!!).

In addition, you have helped me work through family issues, wedding plans, step-kids, real estate decisions, etc.

~ Dr. Ann, Pharmaceutical Industry, VA