What Would It Mean to You if You Could Create a Path to All the Things You Want in 2013?
If you've been following me you know I give my all and will work at giving you as much as humanly possible in the three hours we have together so you walk away having great, easy tools to work with that will help you to:

What I am going to teach you how to use is what I now call the Smarter, Faster Formula!!

It encompasses a lot of what I've talked about in the past with the Five Steps but it also brings in the newest teachings I've found that include great wisdom from amazing 20th century teachers AND NOW the ever-evolving teachings around consciousness!
It is so exciting because I've taken the best ideas from all kinds of different areas that actually work!!!
And I want to share this with you!!!  I just can't wait!!!
In this fun, dynamic, Smarter, Faster Workshop you'll experience this:
The EXACT formula I use with my private clients that has helped them increase their income, get crazy bonuses, increase their sales, increase their happiness, increase their confidence and even found the love of their life and the list goes on....
Specific steps to take in any circumstance to CATAPULT your attraction to a whole new level...
The KEY questions and steps to take when things are going sideways...
Abundance tools ACTIVATED with you during the workshop....
...and so much MORE!!!
This will be a three-hour workshop where I will give you a step by step process that works quickly and easily to help you SHIFT your perspective so you can SHINE like the star you really are and GROW into the life you deserve!!
Attention:  All Really Smart Individuals Who KNOW Attraction Can Be Easier to Create Conscious Relationships, Conscious Business and Conscious Money...
Workshop - Kelowna, BC or
Livestream - available Worldwide
Saturday, January 12th, 2013 1 pm - 4 PM
Think about it.... how much different would your life be if you could actually create the results you want in your life, work, relationships or business?
On Saturday afternoon, January 12th, only a week a bit into the New Year, I'm going to share some of my top secrets that will help you finally get the results you want!
I am soooo excited about this because I find that some of the best shifts come while you're in workshop surrounded by like-minded people who also want to improve their lives, too.
"I have a system and it's one I've been using to help my private clients have the great success they've had and it's called the
Smarter, Faster Formula
I want to share it with you because it works...if you use it."
Know exactly what to do so YOU can attract and HAVE more money in your life
Know how to get around what gets in YOUR way
Create happiness in YOUR life more consistently
Know what's stopping you from having more fun and how YOU can change that starting today!
Start creating a personal freedom plan - where you feel at choice all the time
...and so much MORE!!!
Here's the details for the day:
The workshop will be held in Downtown Kelowna - lots of paid/free parking nearby
The Livestream will be available wherever you and your computer are and if you can't attend live - you'll receive the link to the video after the event
As soon as you register, you can send in your questions for what you would most like to have answered or addressed during the event
You'll have workshop materials to use during the event
We'll have lots of fun and make sure you have some specific things to work on after you leave...
Seating is very limited and you can only register in advance - we will not be selling tickets at the door so you want to REGISTER EARLY!!
jan12001005.jpg jan12001004.jpg
I can't wait to see you all on January 12th - we'll have tons of fun and get you creating an entirely fabulous 2013!!
How does it get better than that?!!!
Who am I?  You might be wondering that! 
My name is Karen Luniw and I've been teaching people for well over a decade how to attract what they want into their life!  
Because of this, I have the wonderful fortune of coaching people all over the world!  From Moms and Dads to International Sales Professionals, to Managers, to International Lawyers, to Entrepreneurs to Hollywood Actors and Creatives, Doctors, Coaches, Teachers, Bank Executives and even staff of the Executive Office of the President of the United States!
One of my podcasts has been on the iTunes Self-Help Top 10 list for 6 years and has been downloaded over 14 million times!  (it seems I have some ideas worth listening to!).  I am a contributor to theHuffington Post and invited on Huffington Post Live and featured on the front page of The Vancouver Sun
People who attend my workshops or talks regularly walk away with easy techniques that shift their money flows, their life and their work!  That's what I intend to do on January 12 with you!!
Can't attend the LIVE event?
As soon as you register, you can send in your questions for what you would most like to have answered or addressed during the event
You'll have workshop materials to use during the event
We'll have lots of fun and make sure you have some specific things to work on after it's over...
Just a couple Rave Reviews from many:
My life has done a 180 , ever since your class . Iím allowing the universe to show me things I have always wanted but never thought I could have , it is truly amazing and grateful for being taught . I am grateful for the clients that are tooling through my door an the phone ringing none stop , it itself is truly amazing , thank you !!! I do notice almost all my thought are conclusions lol and Iím finding it very easy to correct , I have allowed myself more patience , which has helped me , I wanted more of it !!!
I have found myself noticing other peoples conclusions , itís very interesting ! I can see there auras more clearly , knowing what I know now , strange !!!! , but beautiful .
I would love to meet with you again , it would be a delight .
Thank you
Thanks so much for your informative, fun and enlightening workshop yesterday, Karen. I learned a lot and it also reinforced a lot. It gave me another way of looking at my life and how I can make it even better. Lots of great energy in the room - you are awesome!
Keep up the good work,