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Here's how you know if it's right - when you think about this opportunity does it feel light in your body or heavy? If it's light - it's right move, right time for you. If it's heavy - submit your application and we'll discuss what's coming up for you - if it really isn't the right time - that's totally good with me - I only want to work with you if it's right for you!
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Hi there! Wow! We are in the final stretch of 2012! Did you accomplish what you wanted to accomplish? Did you shift what you wanted to shift? Are you shining like you want to shine?
If so, BRAVO!!! I hope you're doing a happy dance!!

If you're like a lot of people, you didn't shift, shine or grow in the way you thought you would by now. Truthfully, that's normal. However, if you want to start creating a 'new-normal' you might want to consider Project 90: Round Four with me.

Do you want to unlock your money situation to create more?
Do you want a better job or an increase in business?
Are you ready for a relationship that works?
Are you ready to solve the worry that keeps you up at night?

Check out the short video and I'll share more with you....

What's included in

Project 90: 2012 Rock It Out!


 Offer Ends

October 23rd  

 Offer Ends

October 30th  

This 90 day program consists of working directly with Karen and includes one very powerful 1/2 day Jump VIP Session by phone or Skype.  Truly this session alone is worth the price of admission - it's just that transformational!


Karen will then follow up with you three more times (every four weeks) by phone.  In these follow up sessions you'll get re-focused, re-energized, any surfacing mindset limitations cleared and questions answered.   You'll also walk away with your action plan for the next four weeks.


Total Value of this Package is over $4000 no matter how you slice it - get in whatever way you can if it feels like this is your next step!  Check out the extra bonuses if you act now.  


**This package is available only to new clients or clients not active for 6 months or more.


The Universe LOVES speed and this offer is for those who know this is right for them and TAKE ACTION.


Check out your 'Take Action" Rewards below...

Still a steal of a deal!

Jump-Start VIP Session  


We will be Goal Setting/Clearing/Action Planning Session - up to 3 hours 1-1 with Karen by phone/Skype  (value = $2,000)


To be scheduled anytime from sign up to end of November



3 - Target Sessions


This will consist of follow-up coaching/clearing/action sessions (value = $1,500+)

To be booked at about 4 weeks apart after the first Jump-Start Session


60 minutes each


45 minutes each

Weekly email question  


Access once a week to Karen who will personally answer any questions that may come up.  Those who commit before Tuesday midnight, October 23rd  get this special gift!


You'll be given Karen's private email address and she will respond within 24 hours! (value = $500+)



Emergency Session  


Face it, sometimes something comes up and you want answers NOW.  Those who commit before Tuesday midnight, October 23rd  get this special gift!


Get one complimentary 15 minute session with Karen. (value =$200)



Special Pay in Full Offer (Best Value!)


Total Value of this Package is over $4000!!  


save $300!


save $78

Special 3-Pay Offer 

(3 equal payments each month for 3 payments)


First payment is immediate; last two payments 28 days apart


Total Value of this Package is over $4000 no matter how you slice it!


each month 



   save $222


each month


Priceless coaching with Karen!

Remember, we will sell out of these packages - don't delay the decision if you know it's right for you!!
Let's ROCK 2012 - Round Four!!
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